Main aims and goals of IUCI

IUCI is an association of businessmen, managers, social and political figures, scientists. In its activity the union combines the social and commercial activity. the organizational structure of the union consists of two elements: the system of social activity and the system of commercial activity.

Commercial activity allows the union to find the necessary resources, finance and develop various projects, corresponding to aims and goals of the union.

Social activity of the union is expressed in the consolidation of representatives of progressive international community in order to: define the collegial opinion of such persons concerning various questions of social life, economics, business, policy; representation of joint interests of businessmen, managers, social and political figures, scientists in relations with the third parties; realization of global social-economical, legal and political programs and projects; influence on social-economical processes and political activity of certain states and public institutes; satisfaction of organizational, economic and commercial interests of participants of social activity of the union through the realization of various projects of the union.

Social activity of the union is based on individual membership of the interested persons in the Congress of Business Elite of the IUCI and adoption of the relevant joint decisions by this body.

  • promoting the development of business in the international scale and in certain states, creation of the most favorable conditions for business;
  • assistance in the formation of progressive industrial, financial, trading and scientific policy in various states; you raise
  • assistance in the regulation of relations of businessmen and their social partners, as well as the organization of relations between businessmen of various countries of the world and states, represented by the relevant government authorities;
  • promotion the all-round development of all kinds of trading-economical and scientific-technical ties of businessmen of various countries with foreign businessmen:
  • coordination and representation of interests of all participants of the activity of the union, businessmen and their unions regardless of forms of property, hierarchy and geographical location;
  • initiation of various projects of the union in those areas, where the social effect of their realization is able to provide the achievement of goals of the union;
  • creation of instruments and mechanisms of supporting of commercial operations, ensuring of honesty of participants of such operations and the assessment of quality of goods and services;
  • development of all generally recognized forms and methods of settlement of commercial disputes;
  • activity on recording and analysis of commercial statistics, registries of enterprises and experts in various fields of activity;
  • consultative support of participants of the business turnover;
  • organization and holding of scientific activity concerning the most urgent problems of social life;
  • the development of cooperation with specialized international and national governmental and nongovernmental structures and arbitration institutes;
  • confrontation to monopolies, dissemination of illegal products and violation of copyright;
  • promotion of protection of intellectual property;
  • organization of exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other social events, as well as participation in such events, initiated by other subjects;
  • assistance to the effective development of educational systems and methods;
  • publication of thematic journals, collections, almanacs and direct kinds of periodical and non-periodical printed products;
  • certification, expertise and control of quality of goods and services, the origin of goods;
  • independent evaluation of property;
  • witnessing of force-majeur consequences on commercial agreements;
  • presentation of special signs to people, who made the significant contribution to the development of business infrastructure, international commercial cooperation, and also promoting the social progress in various spheres of public life;
  • other goals and aims, not contradictory to main directions and the general ideology of activity of the union.

If you would like to become an individual member of the IUCI Congress of Business Elites or make your organization an associated member of the IUCI, please fill in the membership application. The Secretariat will provide the membership form attached to the reply.

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