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The present section of the website contains information about certain types of services the IUCI is ready to render to members of the International Congress of Business Elites of the IUCI and other contractors as well as the information about the basic principles of cooperation with the IUCI.  

However the list of the directions of such cooperation isn't final. 

The IUCI is ready to communicate and cooperate with the interested persons.

We are willing to study your offers concerning possible cooperation in various spheres of mutual interest and socially beneficial activity, and also to discuss conditions and parameters of partnership. 

Concerning matters of partnership, you may address the IUCI Secretariat, using any means of communication offered in the Contacts section of the present website.











American International Commercial Arbitration Court

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One of basic target problems of the IUCI is the creation and development of effective mechanisms directed to the settlement and resolution of commercial disputes.

In this regard the IUCI acted as the founder of the American International Commercial Arbitration Court (AICAC; Wilmington, the USA). Among its tasks there are not only functions of arbitral consideration of disputes but also the organization of mediation procedures (reconciliation of conflicting parties) as well as the "ad hoc" arbitration.

In this connection under the auspices of the IUCI the Joint Mediation Council of the International Union of Trade and Commerce (London, United Kingdom) and the American International Commercial Arbitration Court (Wilmington, the USA) operate.

Apart from the above stated functions traditional for arbitration institutions, the AICAC also implements services innovative for the arbitration market: arbitration support of the commercial contract and inspection and protection of trading and financial operations.

Specific feature of statuses of verdicts rendered by the AICAC on considered disputes is their global transnational nature following not only from the generally accepted status of the international arbitration, but also from that fact that arbitral awards (for their coming into force) are signed at the same time by the President of the AICAC and the President of the IUCI and are accompanied by apostilles prepared in the USA and in the United Kingdom. Thus, arbitral awards have nonrecurrent and comprehensive American and European (British) origin.


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International Academy of Science and Higher Education

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The IUCI pays much attention to science and the promotion of scientific progress. It is based not only on the everlasting importance of science for the human society, but also on the fact that new methods of satisfaction of growing and various needs of the modern person are most often formed exactly in the scientific sphere. The science generates innovations and thereby expands markets of goods and services, intensifies business activity, promotes better resource and product supply for the society. At last, the potential necessary for the resolution of the most significant and pressing problems of mankind is concentrated in the scientific sphere.

The IUCI supports the innovative approach to the stimulation of scientific progress. In this regard it implements essentially new scientific and educational projects. The IUCI practically implements the majority of its plans in this sphere due to the activity of the affiliated organization – the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, United Kingdom). 

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If you would like to become an individual member of the IUCI Congress of Business Elites or make your organization an associated member of the IUCI, please fill in the membership application. The Secretariat will provide the membership form attached to the reply.

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